Friday, February 06, 2009

Campbell Brown

Is there a more annoying media figure today than Campbell Brown? I don't watch her on TV, but her columns for CNN's website drive me up the wall. Today she rails against Congress for having retreats. I know it's a brave step to attack Congress, but Brown is here to lead us. This isn't a partisan thing either, ever since she started these columns and had her show (so I'm thinking the middle of last year), she been pontificating with the best of them.

She has real Dobbsian tendencies--millionaire TV news celebrities embracing a faux populism of which they declare themselves head, all the while living lives of incredibly luxury and privilege, completely separated from actual suffering.

Mostly, I just hate it when news personalities let their ego get to their head and they start using air space to self-important editorializing. Note that this is different than an O'Reilly or Olbermann--that is what these people do. What Brown does is declare herself a person speaking for "real Americans" and then goes on self-righteous tirades about whatever is bothering her.

Update: Trend points out in comments that she is married to Republican analyst Dan Senor. This doesn't necessarily make her points even more worthless, but it does reinforce the point that she lives a life of luxury and is certainly has no legitimate reason to be speaking for so-called "real Americans."