Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Decline in Green Energy Investment

One of the clearest long-term solutions for our economic and environmental problems is to invest heavily in wind and solar energy. It means more independence from oil-producing companies, less coal mining, and long-term energy stability. But because renewable energy doesn't have powerful political allies or senators and congresspeople beholden to it because of manufacturing jobs or corn production, it gets shorted in the stimulus and other bills. Now we see that the last several months has seen green energy investment fall off a cliff, largely because of a lack of credit.

This is exactly the kind of thing the Obama administration can invest in. It can put thousands of people to work in a variety of jobs, including manufacturing, research and development, construction, and infrastructure. It could lend the money directly to the energy companies, which would be a step toward nationalizing energy, something that would benefit the nation in the long run.

Eventually these wind farms are going up because it is in the nation's interest to make it happen. But it's not a top priority for a lot of people and this only hurts our environment, economy, and national security.