Friday, February 06, 2009

In Which Mr. Trend's Skewed Sense of Priorities Manifests Itself in Potentially Embarassing Ways

As is known to regulars of this blog, while I am a Cleveland Sports supporter through and through, the Indians are far and away my team of teams, and baseball the sport I love more than any other.

As many may also know, I am a broke graduate student living in New York city, which only worsens my financial situation.

That said, when looking at question #48 ("Which would you rather have? $5,000 [or] Your favorite team win a championship?") in this survey, I didn't think twice - "An Indians World Championship!" Then I remembered I'm broke, and I paused and thought, "well, would I rather have $5,000?" Upon further reflection, I came up with my answer.

No, I'd still rather see the Indians win the World Series. That's worth more than $5000 to me. I suppose if we were talking larger sums of money, I'd probably take the money, but I so desperately want to see my team win a championship, I could easily say "no" to $5000 (though, given that neither a World Series Ring nor the $5000 are likely to present themselves to me anytime soon, it's not a major concern).

I'd like to say, "but hey, at least I'm not materialistic!," but really, I fear I'm just pathetic.

And I'm OK with that.