Friday, January 08, 2010

Time to Grant Jay Mariotti a Wish!

Jay Mariotti, who in the best of circumstances is an insufferable, self-righteous attention-whore, once again flaunts his despicable qualities:

I didn't vote for anybody in the baseball hall of fame this year. Ya know why? To me...the first ballot is sacred. I think Roberto Alomar is an eventual Hall of Famer, not the first time. Edgar Martinez, designated hitter, eventually, but not the first time. Same goes for maybe Fred McGriff. As far as Blyleven and Dawson...if they haven't gotten in for years and years I cannot vote them in now. Ripken, Rickey Henderson and Gwynn. They are true first ballot Hall of Famers, but I didn't vote for anybody, throw me out of the Baseball Writers. I don't care.
It shouldn't have to be said, but to just touch upon the problems here - yes, some people (for example) are first-ballot hall of famers. To suggest Roberto Alomar wasn't, when he was one greatest second basemen ever, stretches the bonds of credibility. But to vote for nobody? "Absurdly indefensible" and "painfully stupid" don't even begin to describe it. This is arrogant, self-important preening from an incredibly little man. James Bailey perhaps put it best:

If Mariotti doesn’t want to vote, take the privilege away from him. He’s doing nothing but lowering the percentages of the players up for election, making it tougher for them to reach the required 75 percent. Who appointed this arbitrary, unprincipled king of principles gatekeeper? And does he imagine if we were voting for writers that he would even make the ballot?

We all know this is just a publicity stunt. Mariotti is nothing if not a spotlight hound. He’s not the only writer to take a “principled” stand with a blank ballot over the years, and he’s not the only one who ought to have their voting rights re-examined. But he’s certainly the most annoying.

I couldn't possibly agree more. And maybe, if they strip him of his vote, it will get the attention of some of the other members of the idiot squad in the BBWAA.