Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oklahoma: Arguably Even Crazier than Texas

In what has turned into a major political event in Oklahoma, Governor Brad Henry overruled the legislature's rejection of the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize" as Oklahoma's official rock song. And really what else are you going to go with? The state's voters chose the song in a recent poll. But for the Oklahoma legislature, those crazy kids are too out there:

Why? Well, certain House Republicans don't care for the band's wardrobe, or their cursing. The Oklahoman reports that Rep. Corey Holland didn't like when "one of the band members wore a red T-shirt with a yellow sickle and hammer on it when the Flaming Lips came last month to the Capitol." "I was really offended by that," Holland said. Also, Rep. Mike Reynolds (R-Oklahoma City) argued that "the band has a reputation for using obscene language, recalling band members used offensive language several years ago when the city of Oklahoma City named an alley after the band."

Reynolds delivered this amazing quote, according to The Oklahoman: "Their lips ought to be on fire."

Give Texas this--at least we celebrate our famous musicians even when their tour buses get pulled over with a ton of weed and mushrooms (Willie!). This place is crazy, but Oklahoma might be even more insane. Although they haven't talked about secession, so maybe not.