Friday, April 17, 2009

Treason In Defense of a Low Capital Gains Tax Rate

I apologize for not covering Rick Perry's secessionist threats; I've been hording supplies and buying guns for the future war on pinko college professors that is sure to come in the days after the second Texas Revolution; like the first, brown people are screwed.

Rick Perry has Sarah Palin to thank for allowing him to not win the stupidest governor award. I know it's tight competition among the Republicans, but Perry is doing his best to retake the title.

If Texas were to secede, would anyone care? Nate Silver points out that Democrats should be rooting for this. I agree, or I would if I wouldn't be part of the persecuted opposition. I look imagine we'll see the return of the Texas Rangers as a law enforcement agency, if by "law enforcement," you mean "lynch dark people and attack radicals."

I'm also really impressed Perry is standing up for such high principles. From the state that holds the unique honor of committing treason in defense of slavery twice, we now have treason in defense of a low capital gains tax rate and lawlessness in defense of limited unemployment insurance. What higher principles could there be?