Thursday, April 30, 2009

Souter Retires

This may be the greatest non-election week for Democrats since, well, before my political lifetime. First Specter, now Souter.

Of course, Souter is fairly liberal. So this isn't a game changer. But a) it allows the seat to remain liberal for a long time; b) given Stephens' age and Ginsburg's health, Obama has the potential to completely reshape the court, maybe even by 2012; and c) what are Republicans going to do? If they try to block the pick, they will look even more obstructionist than they already do? Ha!

What are the odds Cass Sunstein will be nominated for the seat? 50/50? From Chicago, close to Obama, brilliant. Progressives are rightly uncomfortable with some of his thoughts, but this also creates a moderate rhetoric for him.