Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Erick Erickson at CNN?

Good lord...

Just in case CNN didn't employ enough hacks, they just hired Erick Erickson to appear on John King's new show.

As a conservative, all you have to do to reach prominence is say increasingly crazy things. If someone as vapid as Erickson is working for CNN, isn't it only a matter of time before Confederate Yankee gets a major gig?


He's also an embarrassment to my name.

Update: Steve M gets it right:

There's a lot of grumbling over here on the left because Eric Erickson, the chief honcho of RedState, has been hired as a commentator by CNN; it's been noted that he called David Souter a "goat fucking child molester"; that he attacked feminist critics of of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl ad by writing, "That's what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain"; that he suggested, in response to a piece of state environmental legislation, that it might be time for citizens to "march down to their state legislator's house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot"; that he attacked liberals byasserting that right-wingers "have families because we don't abort our kids, and we have jobs because we believe in capitalism"; and that he described Barack Obama's Nobel Prize as the fulfillment of "an affirmative action quota."


Erickson's the right guy for the job because he's the quintessential ugly-souled right-winger. With him you know you're getting the real deal.

I guess that's one way to look at it.