Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mauer Signs Deal

While it's bad news for my AL-Central-residing Cleveland Indians, this is excellent news for baseball. It goes well beyond the horrible possibility of Mauer being in a Yankee uniform (or even a Sox uniform, or Dodgers). The Twins absolutely needed to do this signing - Mauer is probably to Minnesota what Lebron is to Cleveland. What is more, It gives Minnesota ongoing chances to make playoff runs and keep the fanbase, which is always good when you consider how close contraction seemed for the team several years ago. And by signing Mauer, the Twins made the right financial decision; it will certainly cost them plenty, but they have a new outdoor park that they'll have to sell seats in, and either letting Mauer walk (or trading him before season's end) would have absolutely destroyed any chance of re-couping any money from ticket sales. In a sport in which it's increasingly rare to see hometown heroes stay for a variety of reasons (as much chasing money as their hometown teams being unable/unwilling to offer money), this is just a good story, and should keep baseball interesting and viable in Minnesota for years to come. And of course, at $184 million for the next 8 years, it seems pretty good for Joe Mauer, too.