Friday, March 05, 2010

More Right-Wing Terrorism

Not surprisingly, the lunatic who shot the police officers at the Pentagon subway station yesterday was a John Bedell, a right-wing terrorist, The Christian Science-Monitor notes

Alex Seitz-Wald follows up on this and finds out that the guy held extremist anti-government views, including believing the government perpetrated 9/11. Seitz-Wald links to one of Bedell's podcast, where he says:

The blatant violations of the Constitution’s limitations on the economic role of the government accomplished through many subtle usurpations over many decades are perhaps even more pernicious than and are certainly a key motivation for the violent seizure of the United States government. 

Luckily, no one died in this incident but Bedell. But two police officers were wounded and lives will never be the same. And Bedell could have killed many people. 

So again I ask, how many people have to die before the country takes right-wing terrorism seriously?

I predict that before the end of 2010, an assassination attempt against a major Democratic figure will either take place or come close to fruition before being exposed.