Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pacquiao/Clottey Tonight!!!

12:20--Lost coverage completely, but it was a great show. While Pacquiao won the decision, it was garbage. I had Clottey winning 7 of 12 and I would have been okay with a normal Pacquiao decision win, two judges had Clottey winning a single round. One douchebag had Clottey swept. Garbage. That's Pacquiao winning off his celebrity and, while that's indeed boxing, it doesn't make it right. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm able to use an honest keyboard.

9:24--Castillo quits on his stool after 5 rounds. So sad; please never fight again.

9:06--Gomez has the worst tatoo ever. I'm not kidding; it's huge and sprawled all across his back.

8:55--Lost coverage but, meanwhile, Duddy wins an extremely entertaining fight by split decision. Now, the fight that should not be. Alfonso Gomez is about to beat up a very old man, Jose Luis Castillo. Please retire, man, it's so hard to watch you now. Is 70 fights not enough punishment?

8:26--Halfway through the fight and I have Duddy up 3-2 (10 rounds). He's working a tough jab that's really bothering Medina.

8:03--Show has begun. First bout, middleweights Irish John Duddy vs. Michael Medina. Michael Buffer is making me mad as we speak (long story). Duddy has to win this fight if he ever wants a step up in class. Otherwise, he's little more than a St. Patty's special.

7:57--I don't know what the hell the trashy Cowboy cheerleaders have to do with boxing, but at least it means the ppv is starting.

7:25--They treated us to an extra bout; nice of them. Unfortunately, it lasted a grand total of five minutes, as undefeated Rodrigo Garcia knocks local sucker Chester Pitts down three times before the ref calls a stop. Now we wait....

7:11--I was gone, so missed the majority of the last fight. 2nd round KO, Dallas on Dallas violence, though, which is always nice. Now, a very long break before TV starts at 8:00.

6:42--"Seventies" Sanchez isn't so good, but makes villa quit in the 6th. Underwhelming fight; one more until the ppv starts.

6:26--iPhones are stupid. No cursor?! Anyway, gotta start from the top down now. This is not the most thrilling fight ever, but Sanchez is a fun throwback.

6:21--Sanchez sports one of histories greatest naturals.

6:13--Nope, not long at all. 2nd round clash of heads, a ton of blood, and a no contest. Too bad. Up next, more featherweights. Salvador Sanchez vs. Jaime Villa.

6:04--Featherweights Michael Farenas vs. Joe Morales in a huge mismatch for the latter fighter. Morales won't last long.

5:58--Eden Sonsoma KOs Maurico Pastrana, whose trunks appear to say pastrami, in brilliant fashion, with a minute left in the 8th and final round. Sweet stuff, indeed.

5:41pm--Okay, we're going to try this out. I'm working on my roommate's iPhone, and virtual keyboards are bullshit, so please forgive any spelling issues. In any event, Cowboys Stadium is nutty huge and, as a major plus, booze is everywhere. Seats are comfy, but the tv is such a fucking distraction. Still it doesn't look like there's a bad seat in the place. Yet, at the same time, you can smell plenty of hints of cowshit still left from season's end. The first fight is about over, this is going to be a hell of a good time. By the way, $8.50 Blue Moons. 12oz, naturally.

I am off soon to sit in attendance at the first boxing event of the monstrous Cowboys Stadium, with Manny Pacquiao taking on Ghana's Joshua Clottey in the main event. Seeing the fights will be fantastic; if I can find a choice piece of Cowboys history to relieve myself on, so much the better. This is my first time of seeing live boxing and, if my phone was smarter, I would have loved to live blog it. But I can' I'll return tomorrow with a report.

I have $10 on Clottey at 4 to 1, but he won't win. It won't be a landslide, though; Clottey's a game fighter, really tough and really skilled. Plus, the man is huge. It's going to be a good fight.