Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Harry Reid

It seems more likely that Harry Reid of Nevada is likely to become Senate Minority Leader. I feel really uncomfortable with this for several reasons.

1. By all accounts, he's not telegenic. In a perfect world this shouldn't be important. But in this world it is. Especially when Bill Frist has little else going for him but being good on TV. We need a good face and voice for this job, not someone who gets the job because he's next in line.

2. He's anti-abortion. Given the importance of the Supreme Court in this 2nd Bush term, we need a leader who is going to go to the mat to protect Roe v. Wade. Will Harry Reid do that? I'd feel a lot more comfortable with someone I knew would use abortion as a litmus test on Court nominees.

3. Who the hell is Harry Reid? Harry Reid has not exactly been a national leader. Wouldn't John Kerry make a hell of a lot more sense as Senate Minority Leader. He's proven himself to be pretty articulate, smart, and will take a stand on important issues. He may be a northeastern liberal but he's one known nationwide and who has the respect of a lot of people, even many who didn't vote for him. What do we gain by Harry Reid? He's from a state trending Democrat but would Reid as Minority Leader really make a difference in the Democratic nominee carrying NV in 2008? Sure didn't make a difference with Daschle. If he represents the future of the Democratic party, meaning ever more conservative on social issues, I'm not sure if that is a party that a)will win or b) I want to support.

I for one would really like to see John Kerry as Minority Leader. I hope the Senate Democrats pick a real leader for the job. Maybe I'm not giving Reid enough credit. Maybe the senators think they are picking a real fighter. But early signs are not positive.