Friday, July 01, 2005

First Thoughts On O'Connor

Had Rehnquist retired I was going to say that this might not be the fight that Democrats want to pick since it's unlikely that whoever replaced Rehnquist was going to be all that much worse than he was. However, O'Connor seat is a different game. This is worth all the marbles. I think we have to use every tool in the tool box to try and stop Bush from nominating an extreme right-winger here. The future of innumerable liberal values is on the line.

I do think that this will blow up the filibuster compromise. I think that Bush will name a Scalia-type. I think the Democrats will filibuster. I think that a few Republicans will hem and haw about how they wish there could be compromise and that they're disappointed that the president didn't name a moderate. I think they will then vote with Frist and the right-wingers to end filibustering on judicial nominees and will vote for Alberto Gonzales or whoever Bush names. I don't dare to predict what will happen when there is 4 extremists on the Court.