Thursday, March 09, 2006

Worst Movies of 2006, Early Nominees

Just been noticing how bad some 06 movies seem to be. Here's 3 early candidates for worst movie of the year.

In the more conventional category, we have Failure to Launch, which likely will describe the movie's box office totals as well. Now, any movie with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker has to be bad. But what will make this one of the worst of the year is the casting of Terry Bradshaw in a major role. God, Kathy Bates must be desperate for work. I do have to wonder if Bradshaw's acting will be worse than his country albums or his Christmas album.

For the most bad and pretentious movie of the year, we have Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, which is supposedly, or at least was originally, going to be spoken in the originial Mayan language. Interesting, given that this is a dead language, but hey, who cares? When you have the sure hand of Mel Gibson behind the camera..... The early previews make this look not only bad, but potentially one of the worst movies ever made. I can't wait. And isn't Apocalypto the direct Mayan translation of Apocalyse. I thought so.

Finally, in the worst remake category, we have Hairspray, with John Travolta in the Divine role and Queen Latifah in the Ricki Lake role. Sorry, I have to go vomit now. The Internet Movie Database is saying that this will be 2007 so I guess it may have an early lead on that year's worst movie.