Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Sporting Life

We haven't had any sports posts up in awhile, so here's a few random observations:

1. Obama is lobbying heavily for the 2016 Olympics to go to Chicago. I can see why, but it seems a pretty clear choice to give it to Rio de Janeiro. Trend has talked of this from time to time, but South America has never held the event, Rio can probably handle the chaos it causes, and the U.S. has already held it 4 times, twice within my memory. Nate Silver has some interesting if perhaps slightly silly political analysis to this issue.

2. That's a pretty meaningful $750 fine Major League Baseball gave to Chicago White Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks for throwing behind Ian Kinsler's head. I mean the man is only making $5.6 million this year.

3. Outside the Lines has a really fantastic story on Denver guard Chauncey Billups. It's great for several reasons, including giving major props to Oregon legend Terrell Brandon, who mentored Billups at the end of his career in Minnesota. The story also reminds me of two incontrovertible facts of the NBA: a) that Rick Pitino has no business coaching in the NBA and b) that Kevin McHale is one of the worst general managers in the history of the league. That McHale would stick with a clearly injured and finished Brandon over Billups is almost as bad as destroying your franchise by getting caught cheating to sign Joe Smith of all people.

4. Speaking of the NBA, I'm real sad to see the Portland Trail Blazers get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, but it was still great to see them back after a long absence. Plus the Rockets are tough and hopefully they can knock out the Los Angeles Satan Worshippers, even without Yao.

5. Why oh why did I take David Ortiz in my fantasy baseball draft? Washed up and finished. Just like my fantasy team.