Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kobe Bryant, White Slaver

Most people who know me well know how much I hate the Los Angeles Lakers. It's real personal. As a Portland Trail Blazers fan as far back as I can remember (the Jim Paxson years), I've seen my dreams crushed by those bastards time and time again. Seeing Nicholson and Cannon and all those other stars courtside makes me sick. Remembering back to 1991 or 2000 makes me angry.

In a related story, has there ever been an NBA store more loathsome than Kobe Bryant? I've disliked many the NBA star, but Kobe, well, is there anything likable about him? No. Take another 50 shots Kobe. Drive Shaq off the team again while you're at it. Jerk.

Anyway, this takes us to those weird commercials playing during the playoffs for Taken. Remember, the Liam Neeson movie where his daughter is kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring. Well, the commercials splice the movie clips together with players taking over the game. It's a bizarre marketing campaign given the nature of the movie.

Well, in at least some of the commercials, the first thing they show after Liam Neeson's daughter being kidnapped is a clip of Kobe Bryant.

And of course my first thought is--Oh My God--on top of everything else, Kobe Bryant also heads up a white slavery ring!

Not that it would surprise me.

Go Rockets!