Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Verbatim Marty Peretz: "I'm Sick of Nancy Pelosi, Her Sanctimony, and Her as Speaker; Maybe She Should Hand the Gavel over to Jane Harman"

Marty really outdid himself this time.

He goes on:

Nancy Pelosi is one of those Democrats who is trying to keep the ghost of George Bush alive so that his dishonesty and bumptioun continue to deflect from what's going on in Washington now.

Have to love this--here's a man who will jump at every possibility for references to Munich getting after someone for remembering a past that is all of 3 1/2 months ago!

Of course, the real reason Peretz doesn't like Pelosi is that she doesn't like torture and she's not entirely in the pocket of Israel. That he would name Jane Harman as a better choice is hilarious. Harman is the California representative who met with AIPAC (the leading pro-Israel lobbying group) and agreed to help kill the espionage case against members of that group lobbying for her to keep her position on the House Intelligence Committee.

But for Peretz, the only thing that matters is the fealty one is willing to show Israel. A secondary concern is how racist you are toward Arabs and brown people more generally. And Harman fits at least the former to a tee.

As commenter charles1649 says:

I can't believe Marty Peretz just griped about someone else's sanctimony. He's been spewing this Israel first stuff for years under the guise of some sort of moral fortitude- making Joe Lieberman look positively nuanced and thoughtful on the issue. Pot meet kettle?