Monday, November 30, 2009


Sports Illustrated gave Derek Jeter its sportsmen of the year award? Why? Well, we all know why--his Jetertude, clutchiosity, and general leaderness.

Admittedly, Jeter had a very nice year. His defense improved from its normal abysmal self and he had a great offensive year. But this is totally absurd and reeks of Yankee love within the SI office.

The obvious candidate for sportsman of the year is Jimmie Johnson, who has now won 4 straight NASCAR titles. I don't even like auto racing, but this is clearly an amazing feat. The UNC men's basketball team would be a deserving candidate as well. If you want to go to baseball, honoring of the two MVPs, Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer, would have made solid choices. They are the two most dominant players of the post-PED generation; Pujols already has his hall of fame credentials locked up and Mauer is probably the best catcher of my lifetime.

And if you want a Yankee--what about Mark Teixeira or C.C. Sabathia? Those were the people the Yankees signed to put them over the top. They both had great years, especially Teixeira. But no, Jeterocity won the day.