Monday, January 04, 2010

Chavez-Thompson for Lieutenant Governor!

I am thrilled to see Linda Chavez-Thompson, former VP of the AFL-CIO, file for the Democratic nomination for Texas' Lieutenant Governor.

Chavez-Thompson is a true progressive and a pioneer within the union movement. There's no question where she stands on issues for working people. I always thought John Sweeney and Richard Trumka marginalized her a bit during those years, but her commitment to progressive politics cannot be questioned. I actually met her once in those years, when I had inside information on how to get past security at then Republican Rep. Heather Wilson's office, which I used to spring her into the building. She was appreciative.

Can she win the general election? I think she'd have a good as shot as any Democrat. A lot will depend on mobilizing the Latino population, ever-growing in Texas. While Texas is a weak union state, the AFL-CIO infrastructure should make this a priority. I feel Chavez-Thompson should have a reasonable chance of taking the office.