Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Live Blog

8:47--LS--A good game. Nearly no penalties and only the single turnover that was the difference. I'm surprised the Colts couldn't get anything going after the first quarter, but the Saints called an excellent defensive game, even if they didn't touch Manning once. Big drunk night in NO, and that's it for me.

8:29--LS--Ballgame! Peyton screws the pooch.

8:05--LS--Way to go, old man. This is the Saints' opportunity. If they can get a TD here, they stand a really good chance of winning this game.

On a side note, does this game seem incredibly fast, or is it just that I'm stuffed with smoked meat?

7:40--LS--I'll take The Who before Clark W. Griswold, any day.

7:22--LS--SNAP!! Oh, doctor! Great call on the onside...totally sick.

7:13--EL--You hope you die before you get old, eh? The Who, fail.

Was Tony Bennett not available? Or the ghost of Frank Sinatra. I mean, the NFL wouldn't want a repeat of Janet or anything. Old and white makes that unlikely.

6:41--LS--2010 takes the cake for ad offensiveness.

6:31--LS--With over half a quarter without any Phil-osophies, I've completely lost track of what's going on in this game.

6:22--LS--Do there really have to be two underpants ads in a row...really?

6:14--LS--Smoking my first brisket worked out better than I could have hoped, and a batch of Hurricanes just came out. Things are looking up....

6:07--EL--Lyrad may have just won live blog post of the night. Also, Doritos is actually challenging Bud Light's decade long supremacy for most stupid fucking Super Bowl commercials. Who will win this battle for shititude?

6:04--LS--Coke's message is their soda is as outdated as The Simpsons.

6:04--EL--More commercials--Simpson have their first good idea in 8 years. Also, Go Daddy is utterly loathsome.

6:01--EL--Wow, the Colts look invincible right now. The Saints really need points.

5:48--LS--For the second straight time, the Phil-osophy comes down to: it's good for a QB to throw to the open receiver.

And, yes, White and Vigoda are awesome. I've been watching a lot of "Match Game" lately, and she can be pretty mean.

5:45--EL--CBS really watered down that Tebow ad thank Vishnu. Still, fuck that motherfucker. A right-wing Jeter. Just what the world needed. Tebow makes me wish for more abortions.

In other ad news, I forgot to predict that every single beer ad would be stupid. Also, Betty White and Abe Vigoda are great--Snickers commercial win.

5:44--LS--I never thought I could hate a family like I hate the Tebows.


5:31--EL--The definition of brilliance--Jim Nantz declaring that the Saints' first play as a franchise and their first play in the Super Bowl was a kick return.

5:12--LS--Seeing shots of Shockey make me want the Saints to win less. I don't see any chance Manning loses this game. I hope I'm somewhere else when the Tebow ad comes on; It's a sickening display.

The real odds that The Who look pathetic are much greater than what you've given them. It might be more sickening than the Tebow ad.

5:04--Erik--Indy 34, New Orleans 28. I really want the Saints to win. Really bad. The city deserves it. But the Colts have that machine-like team going this year. And those teams rarely lose Super Bowls. The Pats did lose to the Giants a couple of years ago in a similar situation, so it happens.

Other predictions:

Shots of Archie Manning in the stands--418
Chances of me launching a profanity-laden tirade when Tim Tebow's anti-abortion ad comes on: 100%
Chances that Phil Simms' "Phil-osophy" has any value at all: 4%
Chances that The Who will look pathetic: 83%

4:49pm--Lyrad Simool--IND 37-NO 31. This is one of the more underwhelming Super Bowls for me in years. I have have no strong feelings either way, but I suppose New Orleans is preferable because they haven't won before. Still, it'll be really irritating if Reggie Bush has a Super Bowl ring, so I don't know; it's a wash, I guess.

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