Thursday, April 22, 2010

NFL Draft Live Blogging, Day 1

10:13--EL--A few thoughts about the last third of the round.

1. The Cowboys are incredibly stupid. While I think Dez Bryant could be an excellent receiver, how many resources is Jerry Jones going to spend on WRs? Endlessly evidently. If he thinks the Cowboys are a WR away, he's crazy. Plus, with Miles Austin's emergence last year, this makes no sense.

2. Agreed with Lyrad about the Lions trading up for Jahvid Best. Very strong pick. Team is making the right moves, though they really need a left tackle.

3. I can't believe Jimmy Clausen is still on the board. This makes no sense. Expect Cleveland or Buffalo to trade up for the 1st pick of the 2nd round to grab him. The Rams should be happy to trade that pick given that they just drafted a 1st, there are lots of good players on the board, and they should get good return on the pick.

4. Also, I again want to congratulate Lyrad for the Broncos awesome draft. Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Quarterback. Maybe Elway will allow him to wear #7!

10:08--LS--Well, that was fun until pick 22. Back tomorrow for 2nd Round action....

9:51--LS--It's kind of funny. I've spent the last thirty minutes in a strange haze of confusion and nausea, but came out just in time to see the Lions make a really strong move. Great trade up, great pick. They're far from complete, but they have quality players all over the field now. They're a far cry from where they were this time two years ago.

9;23--LS--I don't get it at all; we'll see what happens, but I don't see how that's smart at all. Tebow sounds like a doofus and he looks like an idiot, but at least they preemptive strike on Jesus eye-black. If McDaniels has some idea of a Chip Kelly-style Taser position and he's out there doing anything but throwing for half the snaps, I'm fine. Otherwise, why pay this moron to sit on the bench to plat tic-tac-toe with Brady Quinn (news flash: Quinn wins 100% of the time) and pray? I'm holding out judgment, but I have a hard fucking time with this one.

9:11--EL--I just want to say that Tim Tebow going to the Broncos is the greatest moment in draft history. Lyrad has been a Broncos fan for his entire life. He also hates Tim Tebow. I am going to get a laugh out of this for many years. This is awesome. The Broncos are going to suck, they have the greatest douchebag in recent NFL history, and Josh McDaniels never drafts what he needs--front 7 guys. This is awesome. Absolutely freaking awesome. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

9:00--LS--What a typical pick for the Cowboys. Watch your necks, Dallas, it's Dez's barber chair now.

8:52--LS--It's late in the 1st, so at least he didn't go top ten, but Bulaga is another Robert Gallery; move him to guard now.

8:48--LS--Thomas is a good player, and huge, but we'll see about this. Receiver is a huge need for Denver, obviously, so that fills the hole. Still don't know what they gave up to move back into the first, but it seems like a strong pick.

8:40--LS--What the fuck?! The Tebows all wear aqua and sport matching faux-hawks; what a bunch of losers.

8:26--LS--It's pretty high to draft Iupatu at 17, but he'll be a good player. On another note, ESPN has to reconsider the five-man commentary booth. They're stepping all over each other like crazy.

8:17--LS--I'm down with JPP, and this was a really strong pick, as long as he's better than Matthias Kiwanuka, the last DE they drafted.

8:07--EL--If I were choosing for Seattle, I probably would have gone with Morgan. But Earl Thomas is a very good player in a real position of need. It's impossible to complain about Thomas. Seattle's secondary was horrible last year; they literally have almost nothing at safety. Were this a team with less needs, I'd be very happy. Given that Seattle is so bad, I probably would have emphasized a pass rusher. 

8:06--LS--Thomas should be a really good safety for Seattle. He'd better be; he's going to be on the field for 45 minutes a game.

8:01--EL--In response to Lyrad's comment before about Al Davis buying the Jaguars--that was a terrible pick by Jacksonville. Why do you take maybe the 35th best player in the draft at 10? Even if you are convinced this is your guy, why don't you trade down? You know no one is going to take him at 15. For a franchise already on the ropes, that was a horrible selection. 

7:58--EL--Obviously one of the appeals of the draft is the trade tension. What will happen? But some of these trades make no sense. Why did the 49ers trade up from 13 to 11 to get OT Anthony Davis. They know Denver isn't going to make that pick at 13. Miami isn't going to at 12--they need help on defense. Hell, Seattle isn't going to take him at 14--why not trade down? I know they only gave up a 4th, but a 4th round pick is a useful chip. 

7:57--EL--This draft is working out great for the Seahawks. They desperately need help at defensive end and safety. Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Earl Thomas are all available. They can either trade down or have their choice. They could also take Dez Bryant at WR. Very nice. Don't screw it up Carroll!!!!

7:52--LS--Love it, love it, love it...Josh McDaniels is doing a really good job. The Broncos will be taking center Pouncey at 25. Great stuff.

7:41--LS--I love the trade down, though I wish I knew what the Broncos got for him. The 49ers are clearly going to pick Clausen, but now I wonder if Denver trades back down from 13.

7:39--LS--In other news, Al Davis just bought the Jaguars.

7:33--LS--Yeah, the Raiders can suck it; he's failure with them. CJ Spiller to the Bills is a really stupid pick unless they have a trade in hand for Marshawn Lynch. This pick costs them a ton of money and it makes them no better. What do I expect from Buffalo?

7:30--EL--While I like the Raiders picking McClain because it pissed Daryl off so much, if you are the Raiders, do you really need a linebacker with this pick? 

7:25--LS--I sure wish Denver still had that 14 pick. But we have Antonio Smith, so that's pretty good. Nothing very shocking so far; I sure do wish Carroll had done something stupid, but I'll have to wait. You can have Bryant at 14; I just hope that Rolando McLain is there at 11. Raiders are up, so expect somebody you've never heard of...goddamn it. I hate the stupid fucking Raiders. Ok, I still don't want stupid Dez Bryant, now we can definitely trade down into the 20s...fuck....

7:17--EL--Very happy about Okung. The Seahawks need so very much. But they need an OT the most. I feel the #14 pick is also key. The Seahawks have drafted horribly for years. They can hopefully get Jason Pierre-Paul, Dez Bryant, or CJ Spiller at 14, all in areas of need. 

7:08--LS--Well, it must be destiny for you Erik. Carroll will probably shock us with a USC player, though.

7:07--EL--I like that Eric Berry pick for the Chiefs. Not only does their secondary suck, but it now gives the Seahawks the choice of offensive tackles. This could be good. Though Carroll will probably blow it.  

7:05--LS--If a conference has to have the first five picks for the first time, at least it isn't the SEC. But yes, Stoops is a fucking jerk.

7:00--EL--It's also kind of hard to believe that Oklahoma didn't win a title with that much talent. 3 of the top 4 picks? Crazy. I guess that's what happens when you lose your QB. Also, Bob Stoops is a jerk. 

6:59--EL--I like that Trent Williams pick for the Redskins largely because it might open Okung up for the Seahawks. I believe Walter Jones was also the 6th pick in the draft. It's destiny. 

6:55--LS--I thought it was like watching your mom.

6:54--EL--I do like that McCoy pick. Tampa has young talent elsewhere. But their run defense was atrocious last year. It was like watching the Broncos. 

6:50--LS--Who wants to bet on the first draft pick to be charged with sexual assault? Dibs on Jimmy Clausen!

6:49--LS--I'm mixed on the pick, but I think he'll be a solid player. McCoy going to the Bucs will be the better pick because of the system they already have in place. I'm not sold on Okung, personally.

6:45--EL--While Suh was awesome in college, the number of defensive tackles to bust is very very high. Also, the Lions really need an offensive tackle. Matt Stafford was destroyed last year. If he keeps getting crushed by defenders, how long will he last? The Lions should have taken Russell Okung. 

6:41--LS--For the first time in years, I see a highly touted QB as a can't-miss pick. With my skill at projection, that probably means his arm will fall off in training camp.

6:39--Lyrad Simool--Ahem...I'd just like to begin by saying that Big Rape neither represents the number seven nor those who wear the number...those like John Elway.

EL--6:39--So the Rams take Sam Bradford. Could work out, who can tell.  However, I want to express what Lyrad told me earlier--it's quite disappointing that Bradford, probably the most prominent Native American football player since Jim Thorpe, didn't go to the Redskins. It would have been an interesting situation.  

The NFL draft is now 3 days. Lyrad and I are going to live blog it again. At least the first 2 days I guess. We'll have to see about the 3rd. Anyway, feel free to join us for this most enjoyable waste of time. Will the Steelers draft a QB to potentially replace Ol'Rapey, i.e. Ben Roethlisberger? Who will waste a pick on the loathsome Tim Tebow? How will Pete Carroll destroy my Seahawks for the next decade? How many times will Lyrad reference John Elway?

Join us in comments if you like!