Saturday, April 03, 2010

Your Childhood Rides to School Were Lame

Those are Colombians from an isolated part of the country using the fastest way available to them to get from their isolated village to the nearest town. The wires are more than 1300 feet above the river below, and those who cross the valley on them reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. The cables provide transportation for farmers taking goods to the town, as well as others, including schoolchildren:

More than 1,300ft above the roaring Rio Negro in Colombia, nine-year-old Daisy Mora prepares to throw herself over the abyss.

Attaching herself to an old and rusted pulley system she drops over the edge before plummeting at 40mph along a zip wire to the opposite bank half a mile away - a vertigo-inducing journey she has to take every day to get to school.

Suddenly, any stories that you, your parents, or any others may have had it about how hard it was to go to school "when I was your age" have been rendered completely foolish.