Monday, July 07, 2008

Brett Favre Has Officially Crossed My Annoyance Threshold

I never really related to Lyrad's perpetual contempt for Brett Favre (and indeed, I heartily, if ultimately unsuccessfully, rooted him on against the Broncos.....stupid John Elway.....). But if what Peter King is reporting is true, I'm on the bandwagon of Favre hating. I understand that some of the best atheletes of their generations (be it statistically, the media's eye, or their own) often have to have a certain obnoxious arrogance and disconnect from reality, but this is just ridiculous. Even I can easily admit that Favre has been pampered by the media and most football fans for far too long, and he has never really had to hold to any decision he's made or accept any major responsibility for what he does to the team in the name of his ego. I found this annoying at times, but again, I really don't see how that's so different from a Jordan or a Tiger Woods or any number of high-paid atheletes. But this is just getting ridiculous. If he comes out of retirement, the Packers are screwed, period. I fully agree with King's analysis. If Favre finds it too boring hanging out on his 430 acre farm in Mississippi with nothing to do, all while being set financially for life and never having to worry about employment again, well, color me less than sympathetic. Favre needs to just shut up and sit at home. He spent 6 weeks thinking about his decision, and he made it; he's reneged and left the Packers out to dry long enough, and if he shows up at any camp, Green Bay or otherwise, this fall, I hope that every professional football fan is as unsympathetic and antagonistic to Favre's return as they should be, that he takes the Colin Powell route and has his reputation forever tarnished. In short, Brett Favre should shut up and stay home.