Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Progressive Christianity

Hi guys and gals. I know I haven't been posting here much (and that's partly because of ye olde blogwar, over whether it's feminist to insult women for how they look if they look stereotypically attractive, that I got into at my own place--interested? Check it out), and I'm completely exhausted and not up to writing too much here at the moment.

A while back, we got into a discussion of religion and politics, and Christianity as a progressive force as opposed to a regressive, controlling one.

To that end, I'm posting a link here to the first Carnival of Progressive Christians, over at A Secret Chord. Purtek and Philomela have done a great job assembling posts by various and sundry progressive Christians, some of whom have churches they belong to, others of whom feel alienated by the direction the church has gone in.

It's pretty interesting, especially the "Sex-positive Christian" posts. Please read.