Sunday, July 27, 2008


I support the protests against ExxonMobil advertising at the Washington Nationals stadium. Although I give the Nationals props for their own (relatively minor) environmental actions, ExxonMobil should be fought against on all fronts for their continued backwards environmental record, unwillingness to fight or even admit to climate change, and general greenwashing while engaging in horrible practices concering the environment.

As Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (and author of the superb book Bayou Farewell, about the decline of the bayous in Louisiana) states, ExxonMobil’s involvement in the park “burnishes the image of the worst environmental company on the planet.¨ This is true. While I'm sure the Nationals just see ExxonMobil has another advertiser, they could replace that money fairly easily.

ExxonMobil has tried for the past two years to greenwash its image, including in phone conservations with people like yours truly. But none of this erases the fact that the world's most profitable corporations continues to destroy the environment with aplomb, fight against the kind of large-scale reforms necessary to counter climate change, and even deny that climate change is taking place.