Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The McCainanites and a new threshhold of stupidity

Couple of things I'd like to point out-- Steve Kraske from the Kansas City Star reports that Obama has tripled his staff in Missouri in an effort to bring the Show Me State back into the democratic fold. Of course, Obama is able to do this because he is a fundraising juggernaut; McCain is starting to catch up with the aid of the Legion of Doom, but McCain's asshat Missouri co-chairman Jack Jackson had this to say, according to Kraske:

"Desperate. When you feel like you have to put that many people in the state to cover it, it means you think you're in trouble and you have to have a surge."

Are you kidding me? Did you just use the word "surge" to characterize an influx of manpower and resources into a situation that you think is desperate and troubled? Did you really just say that? The McCain camp plans to have around 14 staffers in MO; Obama plans to have about 150.

Via Alterdestiny frequent commenter Sator Arepo via Crook and Liars-- have a look a McSame's latest joke about killing Iranians with good old American smokes.