Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 NFL Preview-AFC South

Finally, to the only conference that actually matters.

Indianapolis Colts (12-4): You really can't bet against Peyton Manning. He's the best quarterback in the league and the best quarterback of the last decade; even at his age, he has shown absolutely no sign of slowing down. Even when the defense isn't very good and even when you've never heard of any of his receivers, Manning finds a way to win. The team has no running game and it seems like they should be declining, but I've thought this for years and they win their division every time. Until they prove otherwise, I just can't pretend like they'll be bad.

Houston Texans (9-7): Since Gary Kubiak became coach of the Texans, I've rooted for their success and I've certainly overrated their chances. But now that they're being heralded as one of the big rising teams, I'm the one calling them overrated. The front seven of their defense I thought was going to be so great has consistently underperformed and their secondary is really pretty bad. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are both good players, but the offensive line is still a mess, making it the sack-happy affair it always is. Arian Foster is touted as a great new running back, and all because he's better than Steve Slaton. That's great, I can think of fifty backs I'd rather have than Slaton.

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8): The Jags have a great running game, and a pretty good line, but that's about all. David Garrard doesn't make many mistakes and won't lose any games for the team, but he's not going to carry the team on his back either, especially with their receiving corps, a lackluster group for years and now fronted by Mike The defense isn't much better. I like Jack Del Rio, but I think he gets fired after this season. The team hasn't been terrible under his watch, but he hasn't taken them a single step forward.

Tennessee Titans (5-11): In the up and down world of Vince Young, this is going to be another down year. Probably another benching, as well, and probably more pouting. It's probably not all his fault, though. He's constantly under pressure and he has nobody to throw to. Chris Johnson is sure nice to have, but he's going to be a huge target this year, especially with his claims of another 2000-yard season, so he'll be a little down. Jeff Fisher keeps his defense going year after year, and I've heard of nearly nobody on that side of the ball, but I expect them to still be pretty good. Too bad they're going to be forced back on the field after all those interceptions.