Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis, RIP

I'll admit to never being the biggest Tony Curtis fan. Nonetheless, he clearly was an important actor. Here he is in what I consider his best film, Sweet Smell of Success.

Roger Ebert shares a pretty funny story he heard from Walter Matthau about Curtis, one of Hollywood's most notorious womanizers.

This has been the worst week for movie deaths in a very long time. A brief list:
Tony Curtis
Arthur Penn
Sally Menke (Tarantino's editor)
Gloria Stuart
Grace Boyd
Joe Mantell (nominated for Oscar in Marty and was also in Chinatown)

It's almost like the gods are so disgusted by the quality of film coming out of Hollywood these days that they've responded by whacking as many people as possible. Or maybe the legends of Hollywood are just giving up after seeing all this dreck.