Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Asleep at the Wheel

Deutsch Bank's decision to move its investments out of climate changing industries and into green energies has surprised many. With the lack of government leadership in the U.S., private business is a possible agent for change, though one would hardly expect it. And certainly it'd be shocking for a U.S. corporation to take the lead on something like this.

Kevin Parker, global head of the Deutsch Asset Management Decision ripped the U.S. for its head in the sand attitude toward climate change. Noting his company's lack of investment in American clean energy ($45 million out of $7 billion worldwide), Parker said:

“They’re asleep at the wheel on climate change, asleep at the wheel on job growth, asleep at the wheel on this industrial revolution taking place in the energy industry,”

Indeed, we are asleep at the wheel. And not in the good way seen and heard below.