Thursday, September 09, 2010

2010 NFL Preview-NFC South

Green Bay Packers (12-4): The only place I don't see as completely solid is at running back. I've never been sold on Ryan Grant, but he'll look better than his ability through the superiority of the passing attack. The organization has done a brilliant job of drafting over the past few years, building a very solid, very young squad. Aaron Rodgers is a top-5 quarterback and their defense is very tough. Green Bay is my pick for the NFC Championship.

Minnesota Vikings (10-6):The Vikings have a superior defense and some hugely talented players, but there are too many oddities for me to think they'll be a great team. Brett Favre's age; Adrian Peterson's fumbles; Percy Harvin's migraines; these are Minnesota's main offensive weapons and their offense could collapse at any given time. If any of this does hurt them, and it will, the defense is good enough to compensate and help them win games, but they're no coop of spring chickens anymore, either. Tonight's opener is the perfect test for this team in all aspects.

Detroit Lions (7-9): The post-Millen era of the Lions is in full swing, and they've continued to improve across the board. Matt Stafford comes into his second season under center with improvment in all facets. He's had more consistency, both in players and in coaching, than any Lions QB in a decade, which is obviously a big reason why. He has a potential superstar behind him in running back Jahvid Best and, of course, Megatron. This is an up-and-coming offense, for sure. Ndamukong Suh will be a monster at defensive tackle and help their entire defense tremendously. No winning season in Detroit yet, but they're at least as good as the Bears. That, however, says more about the Bears than it does the Lions.

Chicago Bears (6-10): The Bears of recent years remind me of the Dallas Cowboys: they always pick up one huge free agent and declare themselves Super Bowl bound, even while they take clear steps backward. Last year was Jay Cutler and his own brand of high-octane suck; this year, Julius Peppers comes in to delight Bears fans with whiney, lazy play and OC Mike Martz gets to help Cutler with his record-breaking season...for interceptions. Combine a quarterback who slings the ball down the field without looking with a coordinator whose philosophy is to throw the ball where the receiver isn't and you wind up with a big shiny pile of garbage. This is a team deep on its way down without ever having realized it.