Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 NFL Preview-NFC East

God, I loathe this division....

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6): Because I seethe with hatred for every other team in the NFC East, the Eagles become my de facto favorite. Regardless how I feel, though, this is really the only team good enough in this overrated division to compete with the real contenders in the conference. Philly will take a step back with Kevin Kolb replacing Donvovan McNabb at quarterback, but his very young, very good receivers will certainly minimize the damage, and LeSean McCoy, my favorite young back in the league, is perfectly suited to this offense. Eagle fans will go crazy on sunday when they lose to Green Bay, calling for Kolb's head when he throws two picks and bemoaning the defense's four TDs allowed to Aaron Rogers, but they're still winning the division, don't worry.

New York Giants (8-8): The first of two .500 teams, the Giants get the first not because they're slightly less disgusting for me to talk about. Eli's an overrated fool, riding the coattails of his superior brother, and he doesn't have anybody to throw to. I think Brandon Jacobs will show a resurgance in power now that he's in a secondary role, but for Tom Coughlin to think that Ahmad Bradshaw is a worthwhile starter makes me think he takes roster advice from his quarterback. Their eight wins come via their defense, which I think will be ferocious after a couple of down years, if Eli doesn't tire them out with too many picks or try to teach them math.

Dallas Cowboys (8-8): What can you say about a team called a Super Bowl contender every year, even though they've one a single playoff game in over a decade, and that was last year. Not only is "Playboy" Tony Romo the most drastically over-hyped quarterback in the league today, he has to play behind a barely above average line, when they're healthy, and a poor one in the state they're in to open the season. It's laughable to say this, but they're going to sorely miss Flozelle Adams, who they jettisoned for good reason and replaced with nothing. Admittedly, I really like outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, but they aren't enough to overcome an average defensive line and a bad secondary. Seriously, when did the Cowboys have a safety worth a shit? Many of the Cowboy fans who can read and work the internet read this site; maybe one of them can tell me.

Washington Redskins (5-11): Forgive me if I snicker at the latest Dan Snyder moves to win a Super Bowl this year, but it's the same every year, although these annual add-ons don't always get along too well. I can't exactly argue with removing Jim Zorn from power--John Zorn could have done as well--but the Mike Shanahan insertion is suspect. The man reason for his success in Denver was the hands-off attitude of owner Pat Bowlen. Dan Snyder is more hands-on than your creepy uncle and he'll hamstring his coach's precious control. Luckily, he has his little son as his OC, knowing that he taught Kyle long ago not to talk back to his father. McNabb will work really well in his offense, though, and should put up some good numbers. Overall, however, this is an awful team. Will Dan Snyder give Shanahan the same two years he gave Zorn? I say no.