Thursday, October 28, 2004


The end of the World Series is always a sad day. Free agency is interesting and all but there's nothing like the end of March to the end of October. And now that I don't live in the heat hell of Albuquerque, those months are all the better. It wasn't the greatest baseball season I've known. Certainly the Red Sox beating the Yankees in that fashion was extremely satisfying. And seeing the Sox win the whole thing is good for all of baseball--now their fans will have to stop feeling sorry for themselves.

It's interesting how hatred of the Yankees has turned so many people, including myself, into Red Sox fans. For many years I really disliked the Red Sox but over the last few that's really changed. I question how much I will care about them in the future now that they've won, but I think the type of players they have really make the team appealing as well.

Anyway, the Sox winning was good, and the Yankees not winning for the 4th straight year was especially good. The Mariners collapse was very bad. Watching Maddux and Clemens move up the wins list was good, watching Randy Johnson losing 1-0 games was not good. The World Series being so uncompetitive and poorly played was a definite bad, especially after 2 great championship series.

So the season's over and soon I will have to quench my sports thirst with basketball which does very little for me. But there is a silver lining to the darkness of a winter without baseball. I won't have to listen to Tim McCarver for a very long time.