Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Derek Lowe?

As the Red Sox-Yankees game is about to begin, I want to state up front that I disapprove of the Red Sox starting Derek Lowe over Tim Wakefield for Game 7. Wakefield has traditionally had good success against the Yankees, Aaron Boone not withstanding. Lowe has sucked most of the year. The Yankee hitters have been so impatient this series that Wakefield would have them swinging out of their shoes.

I also disapproved of taking Schilling out last night for the 8th inning for Bronson Arroyo. The way Schilling was pitching, would you really prefer to have Arroyo out there? It worked out I guess, but it was very risky. Schilling is a great pitcher and great competitor and I'm beginning to think a possible hall of famer.

On the NPR show Day to Day this morning I heard a theory that a Red Sox win would help Kerry because people would identify Kerry with the Sox and that both are underdogs that people could get behind. I'm sure that theory has no merit but I like it anyway because both battles are good vs. evil.