Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sox Win, Sox Win

What can I say? Red Sox wins, Yankees lose. Good wins, evil loses. 4th straight year of watching the Yankees lose. I think it's the only thing that has gotten me through the Bush administration. Even though Francona was tremendously stupid bringing Martinez in for the 7th inning, it was a great job overall. Though that may have been the most senseless managerial move ever. Much worse than Grady Little leaving Pedro in last year.

And I stand by what I said about Lowe on the previous post. I still think Wakefield made the most sense. But God bless him, he pitched a hell of a 6 innings. Should have been out there for the 7th.

I don't know if the Sox can win the World Series because of the emotional exhaustion of this, but at least they will be playing a team with only 1 day rest. And how can you count this team out now.