Thursday, October 28, 2004

Schilling and Bush

On Good Morning America today Curt Schilling was interviewed. He ended it by asking people to vote for Bush. I really wish he hadn't done that. I really want to like this team. I know that most of the players on the team are probably Republicans. In some way, I don't mind this because most of them are voting their pocketbook. If only the poor would do this we would be dominating American politics.

I understand that athletes have a right to express their political opinions. I certainly admired Carlos Delgado's refusal to be on the field for the national anthem. But ultimately I just wish sports could be a more or less non-political part of American life where I could root for people and teams and not have to worry about their political beliefs.

I wonder how a pro-Bush stance affects Schilling in New England. I know he's a hero up there right now so it probably doesn't really matter very much but considering that it is New England, I don't doubt that his political statement did rankle a few Yankee feathers. The good kind of Yankee that is.