Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox. Joe Buck Can Fuck Himself

Well, congrats to the White Sox. Quality team. Great to see teams that have gone forever without winning win one. Great to see the team the Bushes were rooting for lose. Glad to see Frank Thomas get a ring as well as former Mariner Freddy Garcia.

Now for Joe Buck. Did anyone else catch the way he equated baseball with whiteness in the 9th inning? He was describing the South Side and what this win would mean for the residents. He described the neighborhoods as Irish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian. All true. But aren't there some black people who live on the South Side? I'm no expert on Chicago. But my understanding is that there are more than a few black people down there. In an era where baseball and whiteness are tied closely together in the minds of black people and we see a precipitous decline in the number of American born African-Americans in the game, we have a fuckwad like Joe Buck making it worse.

God I hate Buck and McCarver. Congrats again to the White Sox. Too bad they had to have such idiots announcing their games.