Friday, October 21, 2005

What's The Matter With Kansas, Answer #5892

I always thought Thomas Frank's now famous question was a little screwy. The answer is clearly a lot. We are never going to win Kansas so who cares?

However, every now and then Kansas comes up with something new. Today, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Kansas' law punishing underage sex more severely if it was homosexual was unconstitutional.

What kills me about this is conservatives complaining that this decision intruded on the Legislature's authority to make laws. Not only do these conservatives not understand that this is how the courts were originally designed (I believe it is called Checks and Balances--perhaps you've heard of it) but of course they are hypocrites. Had the Kansas Supreme Court struck down a law saying that homosexual sex shouldn't be punished more severely than heterosexual sex, they would be rejoicing.

The case in question was one where an 18 year gave oral sex to a 14 year old boy. He was sentenced to 17 years. Had it been a 14 year old girl, the maximum sentence would have been 15 months!!! He had served 5 years in prison before today's ruling.