Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Post, Multiple Sports

-I told Erik earlier this week that I had little hopes for the OSU (sorry - that's THE Ohio State University)/USC game, and even fewer hopes for another OSU title game appearance. I just didn't think they had as good a team as everybody seemed to think they might. With Beanie Wells out, I really thought OSU didn't stand much of a chance against USC. Still.....ouch.

-That said, if the Bucks couldn't win in Hell-A (see what I did there?), it's good to see that at least the Notre Dame won in the one annual game where I don't-totally-and-rabidly root against the Irish.

-And now to things that actually do matter to the universe. While it's impressive that Francisco Rodriguez set the record for saves, if the pitcher who leads the leagues in wins, ERA, win percentage, and is second in WHIP, complete games, and shutouts doesn't win the Cy Young, baseball writers will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they truly do not know what the hell they are doing (and yes, I'm biased and partial, but the Angels are going to the playoffs, wherease the Cy Young is all I've got to hang my happiness on. Oh, that, and the fact that the Yankees aren't going to the playoffs....ah, sweet, glorious, beautiful, fair, just life).