Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things Mr. Trend Hates

So, I proposed a panel for a conference to be held here in New York City in November back in March. I waited and waited, but never heard back from the organizer of the panel. In July, I informally heard from somebody involved in the conference that the panel had been approved, but I never heard anything official about any aspect of the conference, despite several attempts to get somebody to tell me anything. Having heard nothing, and not having any commentator on the panel we put together, I figured I would work on this paper, and have it finished about 2 weeks before the conference, leaving me enough time to tinker if I had to.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I heard from the organizer of this conference, letting me know that we did in fact get approved (good to know, after five months of waiting and only two months before the conference). He additionally decided that it would be a good idea to mention that the participants are to circulate their papers around prior to the conference, and asked if our panel's papers could be finished by early October. So instead of having another 2 months to write (as I thought I did), I now have one, primarily because somebody decided to wait for months to let us know anything about the conference.

Suffice to say, blogging from me will be light for the next month or so.