Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Community Gardens

I've gotten involved in a community garden at Southwestern. It's small, with some students, faculty, and staff all working together and on individual plots. It's been a lot of fun. It's also good to grow your own food, or at least have some clue how to do so. I'd certainly like to do more of it, but in recent years I've been gone a lot, which makes it a bit unfeasible. Anyway, here's a little article on it that the school put on their website. Yours truly is "quoted" in it, though I know for sure that I did not say those words. Actually, what I first said when I was asked why I was involved, and this is a direct quote, was that "food ain't gettin' any cheaper." Which I hoped would be the quote in the piece. That didn't sound very professorial though, so I said something about food and pesticides, which is quasi-quoted here.

The plot shown is also the one I am working on. The quality of those vegetables mostly belongs to the person I am working with, who brought some more grown plants when we did it. However, a few days later, the fucking deer ate a bunch of them. If anyone wants some venison, I'm thinking of acquiring quite a bit of it.