Monday, April 06, 2009

Mr. Trend's Professionally-Amateur Baseball Predictions - Playoffs and World Series

Taking my guesses at how the American League and National League will play out this year to their logically impossible-to-imagine final point, here are my predictions for the playoffs and World Series. I expect to get this as right as anybody else (which is to say, nowhere near right, and even if something does pan out, it will probably be more to blind stupid luck than any "knowledge" or "insight" - the vagaries of the regular season are just too many for accuracy here).

Tampa Bay (1) over Cleveland (3), in five games.
-If the Indians do make the playoffs, and if Cliff Lee is 75% the pitcher he was last year, the Indians should cause some trouble in the playoffs, as Carmona seems to have found his stuff again. Still, I have little expectations of a Cleveland run, and I just really like everything Tampa has done lately.

Boston (4) over Oakland (2) in three games.
-I just don't think the AL West is very good, still. The top of the division is better than the AL Central, but I don't think the winner of the West will be as good as their record indicates (much like the Angels last year).

New York (1) over Los Angeles (3) in four games.
-This could be wrong, but if there's going to be a smoke-and-mirrors team this year, it's the Dodgers.

Chicago (2) over Philadelphia (4) in five games.
-Not out of any love for the Cubbies or any disrespect to the Phils. But after two year of getting swept, I'm sure the Cubs will move on, so that their fans can get their hopes built up even higher

Boston over Tampa in seven games.
-I really, really like Tampa, but it's just so hard to make back-to-back appearances in the World Series (though if anybody could, I bet it's Tampa). There's no conviction in this pick - I like Tampa's youth, and they proved themselves last year, but I like Boston's experience, too. Plus, in a just world, Tampa would beat Boston, and we wouldn't have to hear their whining so much (present company excluded, Dave and Sator). Unfortunately, the world isn't just - Boston in 7.

Oh, screw it - Tampa in 7, for a very simple reason (see below).

Chicago over New York in 6.
-The Mets look very good on paper, but they also look pretty old once you get past David Wright and Daniel Murphy. I don't have a lot of conviction on this one either, but I'll go with the Cubs, so they can finally make it to....

The World Series
Tampa over Chicago in a 4-game sweep.
-Because Cubs fans haven't truly experienced the feeling of finally making it to the World Series, and then having their high expectations absolutely destroyed by a team that isn't even 15 years old. Welcome to my hell, circa 1997, Cubs fans.