Friday, May 01, 2009

Today in Wingnuttery

1. 1/3 of Georgia Republicans are for secession. If Texas goes, why not Georgia too. I'd love to be the person who sets Atlanta on fire again. Actually that's not true. Atlanta is full of good working-class people. I'd love to burn Cobb County to the ground though. The Atlanta suburbs are some of the worst places in America.

2. It sure is hard to be a white man these days. Only making around 124% of what a woman makes, not getting pulled over by the cops for nothing, at the top of nearly every corporation in the country, holding the vast majority of U.S. senate seats. And now, soon we will only have 6 of the 9 Supreme Court seats! I sure do understand racism now! What the marchers went through in Selma is nothing compared to the oppression I face every day! Damn, it's tough now that the women and the blacks hold all the power in this country. Where is a white man to go? We can't even go to South Africa anymore? Now I really want Texas to secede!

3. Jonah Goldberg is scared that Obama will appoint Anita Hill to the Supreme Court. This would be, by far, the greatest Supreme Court nomination in history.

4. Meanwhile, Veronique de Rugy provides the best advice I've ever heard:

And so did Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, in the same way as they vote for every spending bill in sight. In addition, Congressional Quarterly notes this morning:

Maine’s two senators, Snowe and Susan Collins, are among the Republicans most likely to vote with Democrats on policies such as energy, entitlements and social issues such as support for abortion rights.

Then, how can they complain with a straight face that their party is not accepting enough of their "centrism"? I am not a party person, but if the concept means anything, it seems to me that the GOP might, in fact, be too accepting.

Yes, that's absolutely true. The GOP is WAY too accepting of diversity in their ranks.

Oh please, please, please, please follow this advice!