Thursday, February 04, 2010

Crisis of Masculinity Blogging: Daily Show Edition

Samantha Bee's savaging of masculinity worriers and the men who feel they desperately need to talk about manhood with other men is classic.

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Courtney at Feministing finds this slightly offensive and certainly unfortunate, because she sees the guys at the retreat to be part of the solution.

I'm skeptical of her take. These guys remind me of the self-described "sensitive" man, who is actually a jerk. And they kind of remind me of a secular (or possibly secular) Promise Keepers group. But overall, they fit into a 200 year American tradition of men freaking out over what it is to be a man. Bee might be calling them wimps, and maybe she means it a little bit, but there's a whole big dose of "Give me a fucking break" throughout this skit that just kills me. And I totally agree. Does anyone really believe that men don't have a place to gather? That, as the psychologist says, men are where women were in the late 50s? Who can possibly take any of this seriously.

Also, Samantha Bee is extraordinarily funny.