Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Guess It Was Inevitable...

One of the things I've been enjoying here in Brazil is MTV. Yes. MTV. Believe it or not, they actually play music videos. And I don't mean, "here's thirty seconds of a Justin Timberlake video before we cut to screaming teenagers"[and why hasn't that been a band name yet?]. I mean real videos, Brazilian and American. You could actually see GOOD music, and even if not always good (caught the Lemonheads the other day - the reader can decide whether that's good or not), at least it wasn't the mainstream crap we get for 30 minutes in the states. It was just great. Music videos. On MTV.

Until today. The network announced they are slashing their programming for videos by more than 50%. Thus, a world where one could turn on MTV and actually see videos 75% of the time fades away, as the music video will now occupy the least-viewed 7 hours of the day (2 AM to 9 AM). So now, there will be the same shitty programming here as in the states, only with subtitles.

Another country, another shift from "MTV" to just "TV", as they abandon/forget what the "M" stands for (it stood for "music", for all the kids out there who weren't in their MTV-viewing years before 1994).