Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Live from Oregon Pt.3

Officially, this has turned into the most mundane blog series ever...yet, it goes on....

--When I can afford it, I love sushi. More accurately, I'm not sure there's a food style in the world that makes me feel better than sushi. Properly done, I adore it. In Texas, though, the fish must be frozen to arrive fresh and safe to eat. While it is frozen in dry ice and is rarely more than a few hours old, it does not compare to truly fresh. It had been a long time since I'd had direct from ocean sushi, until today. I had almost forgotten just how different it is. The flavors are so much more pronounced--spicy accents in the yellowtail, tuna that simply melts, bold flavors from a nearly unsauced unagi, and the heartiest miso soup I have ever had. Simply the best experience with raw fish (nevermind that unagi's not raw and miso's not fish) since Yoshi's at Jack London Square in Oakland that preceded a magical Dave Douglas concert.

--Sometimes, we all need reminders of things we already know. Since being here, I haven't seen so much television in years. I don't think the programming is worse now than it ever was, but it is certainly a lot more annoying to me than it used to be. Is anything more pointless than a game show? I like trivia as much as the next guy, but I can find a trivia game; I absolutely do not need to watch other people answer questions. It reminds me why I have essentially stopped watching television (save pro wrestling, of course).