Friday, December 08, 2006

Lyrad's Random 10

What week is complete without a little Symphonic metal? thoughts trail off toward Valhalla....

1. Woody Guthrie--Riding in My Car (Car Song)
2. Lou Reed--Trade In
3. Bluecast--Moments
4. Claude Debussy--Estampes; 2. Le soiree dans Grenade [Francios Chaplin, pn.]
5. The Roots--Thought @ Work
6. Alex North--Prince Valient (Suite) [Prague PO, unknown conductor]
7. Bumble Bee Slim--You Can't Take It Baby
8. Peetie Wheatstraw (The Devil's Son-in-Law)--The First Shall Be Last and the Last Shall Be First
9. Mose Allison--Parchman Farm
10. Lana Lane and Erik Norlander--Rainbow's End