Sunday, December 17, 2006

Live from Oregon Pt.1

--Ah, frozen fog. This is a term I haven't heard in some time. Likely, since the last time I was up here. I'm not sure how it works, but that's why I'm not a meteorologist.

--There's nothing like waking up on Sunday morning to the Register-Guard, Eugene's stellar news outlet to find on the front page of the sports, not the score of last night's fun Atlanta vs. Dallas football game, no, but a giant picture of an Oregon Duck football player getting a shave in preparation for the bowl game. Hot news, hot news. Secondly, on the front page previews, an article about the existence of Bigfoot with the headline: Whose Bigfoot? Is it my big foot, Erik's big foot, Trend's big foot, Bigfoot's big foot. I think somebody needs a new editor.

--Lastly, and not surprisingly, the airline has lost my luggage. This is the third time it has happened and, honestly, I don't care anymore. If it isn't in Denton when I get back, all I've really lost is a DVD collection of 50 Westerns which, while a nice set, only cost me $12, so I'm not dying over it.