Friday, January 21, 2005

Going Out On A High Note

I wish it was W going out on a high note, but no, it's ole Willy Safire. He claimed that Bush's speech was one of the 5 best second inaugural speeches ever. Anyone who thinks Bush is one of the top 5 presidents for anything good has a screw loose. But then again, this is Safire.

What did Safire teach us today?

1. Those who oppose the Bush foreign policy do not love liberty or freedom.

2. Bush is thinking with history in mind and wants to be a champion of freedom.

3. Our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan "lit 'a fire in the minds of men." Direct quote from the speech.

My comments about his:

1. Too stupid to even reply too. I do love the arrogance that those who oppose Bush, i.e. the Democratic Party, don't love freedom.

2. Probably true. What about Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, and Pakistan. Oh, never mind.

3. Bush is right here. His actions did light a fire. A fire which turned millions into either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.