Friday, January 14, 2005

Privatizing Social Security

Be sure to read Paul Krugman's editorial in the NY Times today, based on a story from The American Prospect, about Britain's experiment in privatizing social security. He points out that although the British privatization took place in much stronger economic circumstances that we have in America today. And it's still a disaster, with an estimated 75% of the nation not having proper retirement benefits. Of course, we can't expect this administration to learn from or even pay attention to what is happening in other countries. Besides, what the British didn't know is that tax cuts are the panacea for everything.

Among what permanent tax cuts will do for America is:

1. Make all white people rich.
2. End world hunger.
3. Improve the worldwide market for ivory backscratchers.
4. Trigger the return of Jesus Christ to the world to approve of the entire Republican agenda.