Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Israeli Settlers Just Don't Get It, Do They?

I was listening a Morning Edition story this morning on the withdrawal of settlers from the Gaza Strip. They talked to this woman who was a settler and she just talked about how the government was forcing 1700 families from their homes, 5000 children from their homes, etc. She just couldn't believe that her government would do that and not care.

And I thought, um, you know there is a precedent for this. I mean it didn't sound like she even began to make the connection between her situation and the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians moved into refugee camps in 1947. And I wondered, do many Israelis, and especially the settlers, even consider the Palestinians people?

But hey, if this settler was right about the government pushing thousands of people from their homes without concern, at least the Israeli government has kept up a consistent policy for nearly 60 years.